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Future Plans

Our Goals for the next few years:

1-2 years:
1.     Find a home for our fleet (a boathouse near the water)…Temporary boat storage is now at the Town of Grand Lake boat racks, next to the public pier
2.     Create a club membership…accomplished! To join, contact Grand Lake Rowing at
3.     Purchase a boat as a club…accomplished! We now have a single Little River Pro-Am and have access to a double rowing shell as well…
4.     Create the first Grand Lake Rowing Regatta…accomplished! The 2012 Spirit of the Lake Regatta will take place on Saturday, August 25th. Visit or Register here!
5.     Purchase a rowing rack for transport to regattas, etc.
6.     Create official not-for-profit organization with board of directors

2-5 years:
1.    Petition the Town of Grand Lake for a rower-friendly 6″ dock system for dock launches
2.     Start a yearly rowing camp
3.     Create one high altitude training opportunity for a competitive team
4.     Increase fleet size to include beginner shell and racing shell

One Comment
  1. timosabo permalink

    The next Spirit of the Lake Regatta is slated for Saturday, August 25th 2012 as part of the 2012 Brews & Crews Weekend

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